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Following too many accounts? You're in the right place!

If you're like me, you have followed a lot of accounts over the years on Mastodon. Some of them date from years ago, you were a different human being! Some of them you feel like you *have* to keep following, and others you may have outgrown, but you never had the energy to clean up your follows.

This tool uses your Mastodon's account authorization to fetch your followings, their toots and unfollow accounts.

P.S. Tokimeki is the original word that was translated to "spark joy" in English. "Spark joy" doesn't fully capture the meaning, which is why there are all these caveats whenever someone explains it, like I'm doing here. Please treat this term as inclusive of anything you enjoy or feel is important to you. Also, KonMari (TM) is trademark of Marie Kondo, and this tool is not affiliated with, nor does it profit off the use of the brand.

P.P.S. This tool uses your browser's local storage (not cookies) to store your progress. The code is open source and hosted on GitHub.

Based off Tokimeki Unfollow by Julius Tarng.
Made by Damien Erambert. Find me at eramdam@octodon.social!

Version 1.2.0